Funny Money


Still today, the Supreme Court has yet to overturn the Citizens United ruling that Corporations are people, though some municipalities have denied it’s validity with their own legislation.

My previous post on the Citizens United rulling here.

To further support why Corporations are NOT people and why they should NOT have the same benefits or protections as people comes down to the need and use of money. As they say, follow the money…

Earning money in this world is done by both corporations and people, money rules are universal. For corporations it is called income and it is offset by expenses to run their business. Earning more than your expenses means profit. People earn income and it’s offset by expenses to survive. Earning more than your expenses means savings. The important contextual difference comes from the free-will and choice of existing. People have to eat, have shelter, and wear clothes. The choice people make is earn money or die. Corporations have only self imposed expenses, earn money or die but there is no funeral.

There is no doubt the US government has gone out of its way to give financial protections to corporations while leaving its people vulnerable. If Americans have an effective minimum wage, why isn’t a 5% annual increase built in to it? Most workers see a cost of living rise in their pay, why wouldn’t the lowest among us see it as well? If Americans have an effective social safety net why are so many hungry, sick and uncared for? If people come together to govern their society as individuals, why are we allowing this government to ignore us as individuals? Corporations are groups of individuals, who come together to do something they agreed on. If corporations need help from the government, perhaps they shouldn’t be doing whatever they can’t seem to do on their own.

When Americans do not survive because of unmet basic human needs, it is a serious crime and government officials should be ashamed.

When a business dies, it is capitalism at work. It is the risk a corporation knowingly and alienably takes, so blame only the captain who let his ship run aground.

If I were a lawyer, I’d sue the Supreme Court and Congress for writing laws that violate existing laws and break the tenants of our contract. It would be the biggest class action in history.


What do you think?

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