Financial Cliff – notes

Now the fear mongering turns to money? I guess, when you can’t convince middle class America to vote for you on the platform that tax cuts for the wealthy are in their best interest, scare them into believing it is best policy. This new coined “financial cliff” is complexly described as a sudden leap into unknown ramifications of tax revenue and expenditure. Let me reassure you that the expiration of Bush’s tax cuts will absolutely spur growth. We need more revenue. In this country anyone making over 250 thousand dollars represents only 3% of the population. The idea that the 3% are the job creators, making it all happen for the 97% is reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz. The truth is that working people are the wealth creators; they just don’t get to fairly benefit. (Don’t look behind the curtain.) This country stops thriving when workers are undervalued. Stagnant wages are criminal. One anecdote of the American dream is the premise that hard work makes for financial success. Please look behind the curtain… there are lots of hard working people who don’t achieve success, let alone find success enough to afford them health insurance; as 52 million uninsured can attest. These are the people who aren’t poor enough to be in Social Programs. (Don’t look behind the curtain.) A pension was once the reward for working hard but is now, shamefully gone from the private sector. And being threatened by some leaders in government. The corporate “job creator” structure has eliminated pension expenses in exchange for putting their executives into the 3% income bracket. It is not to say the 3% don’t also work hard in their work, but their success is too often built on cost savings from denying fair compensation or polluting or fill in the blank or all of the above. Taxing the 3% to help make survival more affordable for the 97% is reasonable. It is sound business and governance. Why do corporations come out against universal health care? Universal Care costs less because the risk/income pool is bigger, better priced prescription contracts would benefit many. If their current insurance premium went to the existing government health system, what do they care? And if they did, I’m sure in the usual democratic fashion, private insurance would be available. Universal Care will also create the less tangible yet valuable reward of equality in human medical status. When told you only have enough money to sew back one of the three fingers that were accidently cut off, there is no equality of human medical status. When the poor don’t have enough money to see a doctor, they don’t see a doctor. They don’t all go running into the emergency room despite what you’ve been told. The poor are billed, most pay on those debts, some will die with debt. This is a basic, human, societal need like water or food, whose affordability adversely effects our health. Our governement needs revenue, we’ve got bills to pay!
And then there is the magically synergistic warning cry of budget cutting, which as most American households can tell you, they do every day and survive to tell the tale. Priorities in a household budget are not much different than the government’s budgets, perhaps governement leaders should sit down with some home economics teachers. Is it scary to have cuts in the Defense department? It spends about a third of all tax income and represents two thirds of budget loss, in a given recent year. We absolutely have to cut defense spending. The cold war is gone and technology of war changed. We can’t ignore that. Why not start with selling or transferring our foreign military bases to the sovereign allied country at that address? Why don’t we trust our allies to aid us, as we would them, in times of crisis? We need to drop the expensive alpha habit of being the world’s hall monitor. Bring our soldiers home to raise their families, become workers and American consumers. The amount of infrastructure this old country needs could use some of the few and the proud. Cuts to social programs will likely not happen as they are so popular. As a contributor to these social programs, I am entitled to see a return when the day comes. Republicans have done this democracy a disservice by twisting the word entitlement to imply Americans have no skin in the game. Just as you are entitled to fish when you get a fishing license, in this case the American people are very much and rightfully entitled. We are not a democracy when using your rights is so shamed. So what should we cut? Well, everything frivolous. Cut the really expensive, far out things we give away to for-profit business. If we subsidize a company that makes a profit many more times the subsidy, what the fuck are we doing? Maybe we also try charging interest on the loans we have given. I can only hope the Congress and Senate will be a proper and honorable fiduciary of the people’s money regardless of party, whose goals are to get a good return, spend wisely and create a secure foundation for the survival of this country, this family, like it or not, you and me. It’s home economics 101, seriously. It’s not political and it’s just not that complicated. And the moment you get wound up and think it is, step back and think again. Change is scary, but this is the good kind. Don’t let the media’s whirlwind to get your attention cause a fearful reaction or a foolish one.


What do you think?

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