January 3 2010

So I’m four months in… already I have completely changed my working life. I no longer dread checking emails, as they come in real-time, I am quick and responsive to customers, vendors whomever. Facebook and Twitter being what they are, I am now tweeting with my customers and facebooking my friends.  All with the help of my awesomely useful gadget, a blackberry. My dad is proud to inform any and all that it’s a Canadian invention, doncha know! It rocks. I do like it, I feel executive and empowered. By the same turn it has made me an A.D.D. mess. Beeping and buzzing every few minutes, interrupting face-time with friends and family, I have yet to master the zen art of berry management (though I know I’m not alone.) My husband calls it my second husband. My daughter yells mom mom mom mom until I finally tune in and hear her to respond. All of this I can manage, knowing it’s a problem is half the battle right?

But my sticking point is how I’m actually dealing with people face to face, now used to quick wit and 140 character communications, real talk has left me feeling dorky. Not that I was the most socially eloquent before, but now if I can’t think of something amusingly interesting to say, I say nothing at all. Can you say awkward silence?

My friend visited for the holidays and I found us both on the couch face to face… texting each other. Or mid conversation, one of us (if not both at times) interrupting our finally flowing conversation to deal with our phones. It feels rude though I know it’s unintended… like waiting in line at a retail register only to be put off longer while the clerk converses with someone who (instead of marching themselves physically into the shop) decides to call and have the clerk look around for them. Customer service? Well you can’t have it both ways! The customer on the phone or the one in your face? Ummm… please hold!

In short, I am in the midst of a love hate relationship with my BlackBerry. I suppose in time I will be more adept and less “deer-in-headlights” about it. I’ll get back to you….

June 14 2010

So it’s been a while and I’ve gotten more adept at disconnecting and checking back, getting more face-time with friends and family, feeling a bit more eloquent and charming. I suppose you could say that the novelty has worn off, but it’s still as empowering as advertised. My effectiveness quotient is up and my ADD symptoms are easing. Everything can wait a few minutes.

July 27 2012

Well, the unthinkable has happened. My BB lost half it’s screen (again) and when told to “just go find a cellphone repair person” for the first time ever by my wireless carrier, I gave in to the upgrade and got an android. AnNoid, more like it. Two days into the touch screen and I’m begging for buttons. I find myself looking for some way to “right click” widgets and apps to control some functions no other visible symbols give away. There appears to be no consistent way of shutting down programs, which leaves me wondering if that is why my battery only last 5 hours. I obviously need a solar hair clip that I can plug my phone into, to charge it as I go about my day.

There is a learning curve they say, and I’m sure I’ll spend the next few weeks looking up how to do the things I want to do to my phone, thanks to the mostly useless instruction book that came in the box. I’m turning 40 soon, so feeling old and disoriented by technology is probably only going to get worse as my life passes beyond middle age.


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