“Now we are thinking it will be worse than Exxon Valdese”  is what I just heard from authorities…  SHAAAA, You think?
This isn’t a leaky boat, this is mother natures vein and she is bleeding out! I can’t believe what is happening here. Also shocking to me is the lashing people are giving other individuals about driving a car. This is not a result of the use of fuel. It is a result of the practice of off shore drilling and in deeper waters. On land this same problem is much more containable.  Water and oil don’t mix unless you are making salad dressing. Goodbye Gulf seafood, goodbye Gulf fishing folks, goodbye clean beaches. If BP doesn’t foot the bill for every penny of this clean up we really are screwed. If the US Gov is helping in the clean up, taxpayers better be accruing billable hours. Holy sludge!
 Now we get to pay even higher prices at the pump…that’s just what we need at this point in the economy. *Come on Solar Car!* If I didn’t need a car to live my life, like for example if public transportation in my city was actually effective or that my whole life could somehow be lived in a four block radius, awesome, but that is not the case. I already strive not to drive because my budget is roomier without it, but now…holy sludge.
   Recently it snowed in my town which it hasn’t done in a long time. Beautiful glowing landscapes emerged but people did not. After a few days the yuck of cars was visible in the black sooty snow at the side of the roads. I had forgotten. Without the white background, the sputter of exhaust goes unnoticed. It’s not just soil dirty, it’s oil dirty.
In this…a machine for sale that pollutes, why aren’t the auto makers held to task in creating cleaner vehicles? Where is the accountability environmentally? Hundreds of thousands of toxic waste sites are scattered across this beautiful country in every state as a result of the automobile industry.  The meaning of government responsibility in this case should ensure that any contemporary business (in any industry) is not creating a longer than lifetime problem for the rest of us and our kids and our kids-kids.
I would like to buy a solar car, that to me makes the most sense. Get to work you so-called auto industry R&D brainiacs, prove to me you CAN DO IT!

What do you think?

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