Government Responsibility and Corporations

      The Supreme Court has lost its mind. It just goes to show that lawyers get wrapped up in legalese and manmade construct to the point of loss of contact with reality. Corporations are not people.

Here’s a little Wikipedia history of corporations for some larger perspective.

“The word “corporation” derives from corpus, the Latin word for body, or a “body of people”. Entities which carried on business and were the subjects of legal rights were found in ancient (world)… In medieval Europe, churches became incorporated, as did local governments, such as …. The point was that the incorporation would survive longer than the lives of any particular member, existing in perpetuity. The alleged oldest commercial corporation in the world, the Stora Kopparberg mining community in Falun, Sweden, obtained a charter from King Magnus Eriksson in 1347. Many European nations chartered corporations to lead colonial ventures, such as the Dutch East India Company or the Hudson’s Bay Company, and these corporations came to play a large part in the history of corporate colonialism.”-Wikipedia

 I understand the usefulness of incorporation for capital/societal reasons. Millions of small and big businesses, non-profits and municipal corporations exist, as a legal structure fully alienable if so agreed by all shareholders. Our government is in a very real way, an acting corporation of the people. This issue is legally circular in a very mind dizzying way.  The big, very important issue for me is the difference between humans and corporations, in that corps might not die off as ALL humans are certain to.  Every generation should have their shot at molding and influence in politics, while not being railroaded by giant dinosaur corps with deep pockets, ah hem. Federal Courts are obligated to put individuals at the base of context in our group system. Constitutionally, individuals are the shareholder of the government, not corporations! Since corporations previous to this ruling legally lobbied our Representatives, I say they now have inordinate power in the political arena. Our tax dollars are pooled for the needs of the state in fulfilling the societal needs of its individuals and not for the financial gain of the corporations created by groups of individuals. In addition we need clearer political and business separation in conflict of interest laws and ethics. Corporations are created within the structure of law and they are certainly alienable (for sale). Individuals however, have unalienable and inalienable rights. We must protect our individual selves at all costs and reverse this Supreme Court decision.


What do you think?

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